Vaping is one of the mostly hotly debated topics of the last decade. It originally started out as a method for helping people quit smoking. And it was an extremely effective one at that. So much so that the vaping industry soon began to balloon.

The original vapes were simple devices. Styled to look like cigarettes with minimal flavoring. As the industry began to boom companies began to innovate. New flavors soon hit the market. And, along with that, we saw the rise of improved and more streamlined vapes. The introduction of e-liquid changed the game completely. Previously, vapes were a closed system designed to be disposed of after use. Refillable vapes created a sustained business model for many companies.

And it didn’t take long for vaping to blend with the world of THC and CBD. There are hundreds of quality disposable vapes containing both THC and CBD. But disposable vapes have become a bit of an issue. They are extremely bad for the environment and usually far worse for your health than a regular refillable vape. One of the best alternatives to a disposable vape, or even a refillable vape, is a dry herb vape. But what exactly are dry herb vapes? And why should you consider investing in one in 2024?

Dry Herb Vapes

A dry herb vape is the ultimate in vaping technology. The design is simple. A small chamber attached to a vaporizer battery. The chamber, often made of ceramic, is designed to hold any kind of herb or plant matter. This could be tobacco, THC, CBD, or even herbs such as mint.

The chamber operates much like an oven. Simply cooking the herb within. Then, the mouthpiece allows you to consume the vapor produced. There are hundreds of different models on the market. The cheaper dry herb vapes are often ineffective. This is a bit of kit you want to invest a good amount of money into to get proper returns on it.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of the dry herb vape is the element of control. When compared to smoking or using a disposable vape, a dry herb vape allows you to directly control the temperature at which you burn the chemical within. And, for THC and CBD, this is hugely impactful. You might not be aware that the temperature at which these chemicals burn changes their effect.

If you burn THC at a lower temperature, for example, you will get more of the physical symptoms without many of the psychoactive effects. But, burning it at a higher temperature, will release more of these psychoactive qualities.

It is important to note that you need to ensure you aren’t using grit weed in your dry herb vape. Grit weed is the term given for weed that has been contained with other substances. All the vital information about grit weed suggests that it is extremely dangerous, especially if consumed through a dry herb vape. So make sure you check your weed if you are planning on consuming any.

The other huge upside is that you can be certain that there are no harmful chemicals involved when using a dry herb vape. Disposable vapes are coming under fire due to the fact we just don’t know what effect all the chemicals within them are doing to our bodies. Whereas a dry herb vape can only use organic material. While the plant matter you use might not always be the healthiest, it is still far healthier than a disposable vape.

Saving Money

One of the best features of a dry herb vape is the amount of money you will save. Products like tobacco and weed, when smoked, will generally be used up a lot quicker than if you consumed them through a dry herb vape. Since you will get a bigger rush or high out of your dry herb vape you won’t need to use it as much.

A good dry herb vape can get a few runs out of one cartridge of THC flower or CBD flower as well. Meaning you can easily get a whole nights high out of what would normally go into one joint.

Another cool upside to consuming THC plant in a dry herb vape is the fact that you can use the vaporized plant in your baking. When creating THC brownies you first need to bake your THC plant in a process called Decarboxylation. Your dry herb vape does this exact process. The only difference being you get to enjoy the high from it as opposed to performing the process in a conventional oven.