This is the best time so far in history to be a gamer. Dozens of new games are released every day for a host of different markets, allowing people of any genre preference and skill level to play. Luckily, with this booming industry, third party companies are frequently producing new peripherals to help bring the less skilled up to par and take the skilled to a whole new level!

1- Logitech G Series Mouse

While not the most creative start to a gaming peripherals guide, I find that purchasing a great mouse is the very first step any gamer should take when they are looking to up their skills with accessories. There are hundreds of options to choose from, ranging from cheap but impressive looking mice from Amazon to the over-designed, modular Rats.

Personally however, I prefer the Logitech G series to solve my pointing needs, for both console and PC. The G series has been considered a top contender for over a decade due to its low response rates, hardy build and just enough extra functionality without being bogged down with hundreds of extra buttons. Choose the right response rate and you will be dominating any survival server, even without unturned hacks to help you win.

2- Hori Overdrive

If you are big into your competitive racing but don’t happen to own a pimped-up Subaru, you need to get yourself one of these wheels. Beyond just creating a much more immersive experience, the one-to-one sensitivity means that you can make micro adjustments to your turning circle and use the pedals to perform more complicated manoeuvres much easier than with a keyboard or controller.

3- Samsung Odyssey G9

Curved screens made a brief appearance to the world in the mid-late 2000’s to a public response of “so what?”, very quickly fading back in to obscurity as no one quite knew what they were for. In the last few years, they have made a startling reappearance in the gaming market, with ultra-wide, curved screens becoming the most desirable type to have.

The Odyssey is one I can especially recommend, as an insanely high quality and huge screen, it will massively improve your immersion and, more on topic, your periphery while playing games, allowing you to spot enemies who would be off-camera on a regular screen.

4- Xbox Elite or DualSense Controller

Even for PC gamers, a great controller should be a standard for anyone looking to excel. While a mouse and keyboard is ideal for shooters and strategy games, many action and racing games are designed with controllers in mind, so you should have one at the ready to make sure you don’t fall behind!

The Xbox Elite controller is very expensive but provides more customizability than even the ill-fated Steam Controller and cements itself easily as the most versatile controller on the market. It does lack a lot of features that the DualSense can boast about, but these features are currently only available while being used on the PS5

5- J&S Vision Blue-Light Filtering Glasses

Even if you aren’t a prescription glasses wearer, it is a very good idea to get something to filter blue light for those long gaming sessions. Blue light has been shown to have mental and physical effects on the brain and too much exposure can severely reduce attention span. To this end, having something to filter through it will help you game and train for longer on end.

6- Corsaire K100 Cherry

You can’t end a gaming accessory list without mentioning Corsaire. Regularly considered the best gaming peripheral company for price/performance (Razer frequently mark-up their prices by about 20-30%), their mechanical gaming keyboards with functional macro keys can make the difference between a fine game and a great game.