Technology can help us with just about everything that we need. When technology was initially introduced, it was presented as a way that the brightest minds could have assistance in their discoveries and their contribution to the world. Very quickly, humans gathered a clear understanding of how the technology worked and we were able to release it on a more commercial scale.

Now, we use technology for just about anything and every year technology becomes even more integrated into our lives. A good example of the evolution of technology in our society comes in the form of phones. When phones were first introduced to the general public, we would use phone boxes. We would then move onto house phones and then portable house phones, then came the mobile phone and the smartphone. This evolution happened relatively quickly in the grand scheme of things and this has happened with a variety of different technologies.

We use technology to make every aspect of our lives much more convenient, but nothing that anyone could have expected is that we would eventually introduce technology into the world of smoking weed and other hemp products. Here is how technology can be used to improve your smoking experience.


Arguably, some of the most popular technology that is constantly being used to enjoy marijuana and hemp products is vapes. Vapes are incredibly popular right now for a number of reasons. First of all, not everyone enjoys smoking, but they love the feeling of using certain hemp products. Vapes make it much easier for a lot of people to enjoy their hemp products and this is why they have become so popular. Some people also like how portable vapes are and they do not have to worry about having to roll a joint every time.

The Internet

Thanks to the internet, it has now become easier than ever to source hemp products. If you told stoners twenty years ago that they would be able to buy weed online, it is likely that they just wouldn’t believe you. The internet is great for finding hemp products online. For example, Delta 8 can be difficult to find if your state has strict cannabis laws and so many people instead choose to order it online and without the internet, these people may not have access to the product.

Electric Grinder

Now, it is more convenient than ever for you to get stoned. In the past, you would have to do a full setup in order to roll a joint or to use your favorite cbd nug. If you are someone that struggles with using your motor skills, the process of grinding your product may be intimidating and if you do not have a lot of muscle in your hands, then it may be difficult. Electric grinders are very useful, as all you need to do is put a nug in the grinder and let the grinder do all of the work.

Automatic Rollers

Once again, if you are someone that does not have complete control of your hands, things that may come easy to other stoners may not come easy to you. Rolling a joint can be challenging, even if you do not have any motor issues. With automatic rollers, all that you need to do is put your product into the rollers and turn it. Within a matter of seconds, you will have a perfectly rolled joint that is ready to be smoked immediately. This is a great innovation for people who just want to roll quickly.

Lighter Phone Cases

How annoying is it when you cannot find your lighter? It is even more annoying when you are out of the house and you have forgotten to throw one in your pocket before you set off. Something that we all always have on us is our phone and this is why you should consider the lighter phone case. This rechargeable phone case has a lighter in it that is not too dissimilar to the lighters that you find in cars. It does not produce a flame, but it does light whatever you need it to and so this is great if you hate carrying around a lighter.

Electric Bong

Every stoner at some point has used a bong. A bong is one of the most popular ways that people enjoy their hemp products and it is a staple in the stoner community. Something that a lot of people hate is just how immobile bongs are, especially if you need to use bong water while you are using one. Thanks to electric bongs, you do not need to use water and you can use the bong while completely on the go. This means that you can just throw the bong into your bag and whenever you are next on the go, you can use it wherever you are.

Thanks to technology, using hemp products has become more accessible than it has ever been. This means that many people who may not have been involved in the community before now feel much more comfortable to try products and see if they like them.