PC gaming has always been at the forefront of the gaming community. In the past, consoles simply couldn’t match the specs that you could find on a well-made gaming PC and so many people that wanted to play more demanding games at a better quality would often choose to use a PC to play them.

Though consoles have started to improve over the years and can now reach, if not surpass, the power of a PC, PCs still continue to be the go-to for gamers.

A big reason why this is the case is because game developers tend to make agreements with these console companies. They will often make a deal of exclusivity, which means that a game may come out on a certain console, but will not come out on the other. This means that if you decided to buy a Playstation, you may not have access to a lot of the games that come out on Xbox.

The best thing about owning a PC is that PCs are not involved in the exclusivity fight and most games end up being released on PC, as well as console. In fact, there are far more games released that are exclusive to PC and if you choose to use a console, then you may not have the opportunity to play these games.

RPGs, in particular, tend to be exclusive to PCs. A lot of RPG games do not get the same reception from console gamers that they get from PC gamers and so a lot of developers tend to keep to PC.

If you are someone that plays on your PC, then it is likely that you are familiar with RPG games. For those of you that are not familiar with what an RPG is, an RPG is basically a role-playing game where you take on the role of a character and you try to navigate a fictional setting. RPG games can be very different depending on what the game is. In some of the games, you have to really take on an acting role and try to acclimate to your new setting and follow the rules of the world.

If you have never really played an RPG game, but you like the sound of it, you might be interested in trying one out for yourself. If you have never heard of any good RPG games, here are some of the best that you can play on your PC right now.

The Witcher Wild Hunt

If you are looking for a fun and exciting game to play, I would recommend that you take a look at The Witcher Wild Hunt. You have likely already heard of The Witcher, thanks to the brand new series and the many games in the series.

This RPG is really a step above the rest and it is a lot deeper than just your typical RPG game. In this game, you do not just take on quests, you have to navigate through a world of racism and conflict, which makes the game feel incredibly real. You can also expect to find some explicit content in this game that may leave you a bit hot under the collar, so if you are under the age of 18 I would avoid this game.

The best part of this game is the large variety of monsters that you have to track down and fight as your main character Geralt, who you may recognize from the popular TV show, so you will be able to delve into some pretty interesting lore and find some cool creatures.


Dislyte is a new RPG game that is full of life and character. Not only can you play this game on PC, but you can also play it on mobile. This game is the perfect mixture of cool combat, interesting character choices and brilliant world building.

You have a few options when you get into the game. You can start off with the character that you are initially given and if you are not happy with the player that you receive, you can keep rerolling until you land on a character that you are happy to use.

This game requires a lot of grinding and if you want to be a success, you have to be willing to put the time into the game. To allow your character to develop and improve, you have to collect XP and collect resources. Throughout the day, there are a lot of tasks that pop up that you can complete and level up your character.

Cyberpunk 2077

This is a game that has been widely anticipated by gamers all over the world and the character customization and amazing setting are something that a lot of people were really excited about.

The protagonist that you play is highly customizable and there isn’t much about the character that you cannot change and distort, which made the game really appealing to a lot of players. The nightlife is what makes the game really exciting. Within the game, you have free reign over a modern city that is supposed to imitate a futuristic New York Setting.

Another fantastic part of this game is the mods. Once you have explored a lot of the game’s main features, you can then see how the mods can completely change the way that you play the game and whether or not it makes it even more exciting for you to play.